A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permit required reforestation along parts of Black Bayou, Bayou Francois and Saveiro Canal for dredging those waterways. Ascension Parish retained Manchac Consulting Group, Inc. in 2009 to comply with USACE Federal Guidelines related to replanting (reforestation) of areas of previously disturbed wetlands. The affected area consists generally from the Marvin Braud Pump Station (previously McElroy Pump Station) along the Saverio Canal to Black Bayou, then from Black Bayou to Black Bayou Road and then from Marvin Braud Pump Station along Bayou Francois to Airline Highway.

The reforestation limits of the waterways were defined as commencing from the top bank of the canal/bayou and concluding at the inside edge of the spoil banks that were created from the waterway dredging project.

There are approximately 57 acres along the waterways that were planted with water oak, cow oak, hackberry, American elm, and bitter pecan species. Work began in the planting season of Fall 2011.