Structural Engineering

Sorrento Drainage Pump Station Rehabilitation

A portion of the raw water pump station’s track rack was deflected inward from significant lateral loading due to soil erosion at the base of the station and the accumulation of floating vegetation.  A tubular steel beam was placed on the exterior of the pump station wet well, and treaded bars were used to pull the trash rack to its original design position.  The trash rack was then permanently stabilized by a cast-in-place concrete bracing system along the wet well of the pump station.  The erosion pits were filled with 2,000 psi concrete in 2-foot lifts.


Sorrento Station

Marvin Braud Pump Station Improvements

Manchac Consulting Group, Inc. was retained by the Ascension Parish Drainage Department to design three new screen blanks at the Marvin Braud Pump Station.  When the Parish removes a mechanical rake screen for servicing, the screen blanks are dropped into place until the mechanical rake screen can be placed back into service.  Without legible drawings of the original blanks, Manchac engineers visited the site to obtain measurements of the blanks on site.  Each new welded steel blank measured approximately 11-feet wide by 25-feet tall.


Marvin Braud


City of Lake Charles City Hall Roof Replacement

Manchac Consulting group was retained by the City of Lake Charles to retrofit the city hall roof with a new roof and higher wind rating. Also part of the project was to secure all equipment on the roof with wind restraints.


project photo