Red River Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade & Expansion

A new WWTP was designed by Manchac Consulting Group, Inc. to replace the existing Red River WWTP. The new Red River WWTP has a rated capacity of 12 MGD with a peak flow capacity of 48 MGD. The new Red River WWTP was constructed adjacent to levees governed by the Bossier Levee District and USACE Vicksburg. Manchac worked closely with USACE geotechnical engineers in Vicksburg on the design components of the plant close to the levees.

The new plant consists of:

  • 48 MGD Influent Pump Station with two mechanical bar screens and a septage receiving station; the Pump Station has five (5) Vertical Turbine Solids (VTSH) pumps
  • Headworks complete with Fine Screening, Grit Removal, Odor Control, and two Flow Splitter Boxes – one for raw wastewater and one for return activated sludge
  • Two multi-channel Oxidation Ditches with Rotary Disc Diffusers
  • Three Final Clarifiers
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System with an NPW System
  • Final Effluent Pump Station with six (6) Axial Flow Pumps
  • New Outfall Line and Headwall Structure
  • New Belt Filter Press Building
  • New Lab/Administration Building
  • Sludge Drying Beds
  • Upgrade to the Class A Sludge Treatment Facility
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