Manchac’s P3 Saves City of Bossier More than $4 Million Overall

Manchac's partnership with the City of Bossier City has resulted in actual savings of more than $2.4 million in operating cost for 2017. These savings exceeded the budgeted amount of $2.1 million. The overall savings for the utility departed exceeded $4.1 million. You can read the details of the article here, published in the Bossier Press.

We would especially like to thank our dedicated team of employees working closely with the City to make this happen.

Manchac's Bossier P3 Team:

  • Ben Rauschenbach
  • Darin Fortenberry
  • Gordon Garcie
  • John Armstrong
  • Brian Radford
  • Zach Gramling
  • Richard Dowdall
  • Stan Miller