Gordon Garcie

Gordon Garcie – Operations Project Manager

Gordon serves as the Operations Project Manager for the Bossier City Water Treatment Division, working to support the Public-Private Partnership endeavor between Manchac Consulting Group and the City of Bossier City. He also assists other utility departments to ensure that all efforts are carried out in an effective and efficient manner. Gordon has more than two and one-half decades of experience in successful utility operations and management contributions. He holds the highest levels of certification in water production, treatment and distribution that were issued to him by the State of Louisiana, Office of Public Health, Engineering section. He excels in managing Utility Operations and Maintenance Projects from start to finish. He also has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all areas related to workplace safety, especially within the Public Utility Industry. Lastly, Gordon works diligently in concert with the State Certification Officer in getting training programs approved for continuing education hours, to help the operators maintain these hours needed to ensure that they have the opportunity to remain certified.