Desoto Parish Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project

The Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project for Desoto Parish Waterworks District No. 1 is the continuation of a program to improve the quality of water being produced and delivered to its customers. Previous projects included switching from conventional solids contact clarification and rapid sand filters to enhanced solids contact clarification through the installation of tube settlers and switching to membrane filtration. The current project will further enhance the level of treatment through the installation of an ion exchange unit – the first use of this process in the State of Louisiana - to remove more of the trihalomethane (THM) and Haloacetic acid (HAA) precursors which occur naturally in the source water. The reduction of THMs and HAAs will also allow the District to switch from chloramination, the feed of combined chlorine and ammonia for disinfection, with its attendant problems with biological regrowth (nitrification) in the distribution system to chlorine only with an attendant cost savings. The project was designed with an initial capacity of one (1) million gallons per day with provisions for easily doubling that capacity when needed. Construction began in mid-summer of 2017 and completion is planned for mid-summer 2018. The project is being handled differently from most municipal projects in the treatment equipment is being purchased directly by the District and furnished to a General Contractor who will construct the necessary support facilities and install the supplied equipment. Funding for the project is through a combination of District funds, the sale of low interest bonds through the State of Louisiana Revolving Fund Program and grant monies from the State of Louisiana Capital Outlay administered by the Division of Administration, Office of Facility Planning and Control.