CDBG 3rd Avenue Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Lake Charles retained Manchac Consulting Group, Inc. to provide new sidewalks and repair existing sidewalks along the east and west sides of 3rd Avenue. The project area spanned 13 consecutive blocks between 12th Street and Broad Street. Manchac was responsible for design and construction management services for the installation of new ADA compliant sidewalks. This work consisted of the removal of existing driveway pavement, damaged or non-ADA compliant sidewalk pavement, and general excavation required to construct 5-foot wide, ADA compliant sidewalks with handicap accessible ramps. Manchac coordinated with the Contractor to ensure the construction schedule would minimize inconveniences for the local residents. Construction for this project began January 2017 and was completed according to schedule in September 2017. This project was a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded infrastructure project.