Manchac Looking Forward to Relocating Bossier City Offices in the Spring of 2017

Manchac Consulting Group is relocating its current Bossier City offices to what is now a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of the Bossier City downtown re-envisioning arena. What was once a 9,000 square foot warehouse was converted into a professional office complex. Renovation efforts began in September 2016 by Boggs & Poole Contracting Group, Inc. What was once a tired lifeless shell of a structure will soon be transformed into a beautiful example of “superior quality integrated architecture." The aesthetic of the facility is grounded in the hardworking Louisiana roots that founded the company with a modern edge promoting our forward thinking approach to design, management, and operations. Construction is nearly complete and Manchac Consulting personnel will move into this facility when the surrounding Re-Envisioning Project work is complete. Photos taken during this effort are located below this post.

Manchac's professional office complex renovation is a microcosm of a much larger economic development vision cast by the City of Bossier. The Bossier downtown re-envisioning project will invest approximately fifteen million dollars over a period of fifteen years to revitalize “Downtown Bossier City.” This investment targets much needed infrastructure improvements and rehabilitation needs. Specific areas of aesthetic focus include street enhancements, recreational paths, landscaping, and plaza. Subsurface infrastructure improvements include the rehabilitation of the storm drainage system, sanitary sewer collection mains, water distribution and transmission lines, underground electrical systems, gas service, and technology grids. The first phase focuses these efforts along Barksdale Boulevard. This is the main artery of the approximate 90 acre area. Completion of this development will usher in a new, modern planned development that will serve as an astonishing gateway into the City of Bossier. The combination of recreational, residential, commercial, professional, and retail venues will be unparalleled in this region. Manchac is elated to be on the ground floor of the exciting visionary movement taking place in Downtown Bossier City.



October 2016



October 2016